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Zhoushan Huafeng has successfully completed the repair of the RO-RO shipment "Changxinglong"    

In the afternoon of April 19th, the ro-ro shipment "Changxinglong" was finished in Huafeng company and left the factory.  The hull is 140M long, 24M wide, 19,370 gross tons, with 9 loading decks and a maximum height of 35M. It is a 1600PCTC roll-on/roll-off ship.  The ship arrived at the factory on April 3 and docked on April 9.  In the repair of the stern jump (stern bridge), the company and the ship did a good job in the preliminary planning, and the ship hull and mechanical and electrical departments closely cooperated in the later stage to ensure that the whole stern jump system was installed and debuted in place once, and docked on schedule, which was recognized by the ship.  


Previously, the company has completed the repair of the same type of ship "long hair long".  Later will also have a larger ship type of roll-on/roll-off into the repair plan.  

Up to now, the company has completed the repair of more than 90 ships of various types and received orders for more than 170 ships, including more than 10 desulfurization tower modification projects.