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Zhoushan Huafeng completed the modification project of large ship desulfurization tower in 33 days  

MSC "TIANPING", 334 meters long and 41 meters wide, is an 8,200 TEU container ship of MSC, the world's second largest container liner company. It was built in 2006. 

The wheel on November 12, alongside my chief priests coating base, the main project is hybrid desulfurizing modification projects, the original chimney exhaust system according to the latest environmental emissions standard new flue gas washing desulfurization tower and tower room structure, the hybrid desulphurization pump and pipeline system, magnesium hydroxide alkaline storage and charging system, and the desulfurization wastewater treatment system monitoring, testing equipment and system and electrical system,  Other special inspection projects include modification of Avalava ballast water system, modification of shore power system, upgrade of bridge equipment, repair of hatch cover, etc.  


Given good container market situation, in order to guarantee the economic interests of the owners, our company attaches great importance to, concentrated technology backbone, meticulously, clear division of labor, to carry out the responsibility, finally the ship on December 16 sea trials, one-time success, with 33 days alone efficient high-quality completed the projects of the ship, the height of the owner's approval,  It is also the ship with the shortest time of hybrid modification since the desulfurization tower modification project in the world.  The hybrid ship desulphurization reconstruction system is complex, and there are many types of work, and the total amount of desulphurization is larger than that of the open ship. In the case of the same ship type, the renovation cycle generally exceeds 50 days in China at present. 

After obtaining the original design drawings, the company's repair team repeatedly demonstrated and improved, and finally finalized the overall lifting scheme of the tower body.  In view of the unbalanced state of the tower block, the center point of the combined tower block is found accurately through temporary strengthening and simulation, and the tower block is lifted onto the ship at one time with the advantage of long coating base lifting, and the hook is unhooked within 18 hours.  In the refit construction process, the total amount of prefabricated, cut and installed steel plate reached 323 tons. Through reasonable optimization and adjustment of pipe direction, the design optimization amount of hybrid desulfurization tower reached 20%, and a total of more than 700 pipes were installed.  Part of the old chimney will be cut out within 7 days, install new chimney;  In addition, it only took 14 days to complete the transformation of five compartments, including pipes and special coating, in 30 days.  

In the routine repair project, the main route optimization of the Avalava ballast water system purchased by the ship owner reached 50%, and the installation of more than 120 pipes was completed.  More than 1,300 pieces of hatch cover feet were replaced, of 23 types;  2250 new pad blocks;  Sand and spray the ground under all hatches, bind the bridge waterknife paint;  The ship's 18300 square square outer plate straight flat bottom 100% secondary white, and silicone special coating processing;  In addition the propeller and rudder blade also made silicone special coating. 

To this end, the company invested a large number of elite personnel and worked overtime. During the peak period, nearly 220 people went all out in the modification and repair of the ship. The ship berthed on November 12, entered the dock tower on the evening of November 18 and left the dock in the afternoon of November 19.  On November 30, relevant projects were completed and docked on December 8. On December 16, trial voyage data collection was completed and signed by representatives of all parties. The trial voyage was a complete success and launched online the next day.  It has perfectly realized the almost impossible task, broken the difficulty that the hybrid desulfurization tower could not be completed in two months, and saved a lot of time for the ship owner. It fully reflects that huafeng team is skilled in organization, dares to challenge, and is a professional team that can be achieved and make great achievements.  At the same time, it also accumulated rich experience in the subsequent ship modification and repair, and provided more excellent service for ship owners.