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Huafeng Ship Repair company successfully delivers 400,000 tons of "jumbo"

At 10:30 in the morning of August 21, the "Shandong Dade", which was repaired and completed at the company's No. 2 base, left the dock smoothly. The ship is a 400,000-ton ore carrier (362*65M), which is also a relatively rare large-tonnage ship undertaken by the company.  


In addition to the completion of routine repair items, the ship's main work is the modification of ballast water system.  Due to the heavy workload and tight time in the dock, the workers worked all night in shifts, and finally completed the installation of "Shuanghui" double system ballast water treatment system (3000m3/h*2 sets) in advance and successfully.  The total amount of prefabricated pipes is 670, including 19 main ballast pipes and 5 closed pipes (diameter 800MM, field assembly, large welding amount). The total amount of cables laid is 5000 meters.  

The ship entered the factory and berthed at 22:00 on The evening of August 6th. On the 11th, it entered the dock and began to dismantle the old ones (the main ballast pipeline can only be dismantled after the ship enters the dock) and install new pipelines. On the 17th, the main road system was completed and discharged from the dock, the general system was completed on the 18th and commissioning began on the 19th.  14 days of actual repair, at least one week ahead of the normal cycle.  

The successful completion and delivery of "Shandong Dade" is also a perfect test of the company's ability to repair large ships.  

At the same time, at present, the company is repairing ship orders stable and sufficient, key ship types such as "Giant 7", "Giant 8", "Qiangshen 2", "Qiangshen 3", "Runneng 118" and other engineering ship refit is progressing orderly.  

Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the continuous rebound of the epidemic, the repair and control of foreign ships have been strengthened, the company has strictly improved the epidemic prevention and control network, strengthened the communication between domestic and foreign ship owners, and actively responded to the severe epidemic situation.