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Cable laying ship "Runneng 118" was signed and delivered at huafeng No.1 base

At 08:58, August 23, the signing ceremony of cable laying ship "Runneng 118" was held at the no.1 base of the company.  Ke Xing, chairman of Hainan Run Energy Ocean Engineering Service Co., LTD., Wu Zhixiang, chairman of Zhoushan Huifeng Ship Repair Co., LTD., and other leaders and guests attended the ceremony.  

The ceremony began with a grand fireworks and firecrackers, and reached its climax in the exchange of signatures between the two chairmen.  Finally, all the participants took a group photo to keep the unforgettable moment.  


"Runneng 118" (75*25M), formerly known as flat barge, entered the dock on June 23 and August 17 after entering the company. The main works in the dock were to add new living quarters for the crew and install cable laying facilities. After modification, the ship took on a new look.  

At the ceremony, Runneng Ocean Engineering presented the banner of "excellent quality, first-class service" to the company, to pay tribute to the quality and efficient ship repair ability of the company team, and to express gratitude to the hard work of all the employees of the company.  

"The vessel ship size is small, the need to install the equipment of the main deck of a similar ship configuration has increased a lot, because the original design drawing is not perfect, bring inconvenience, site construction progress lag, the main group through their own digestion to modify the overall layout of the equipment of large optimization, within the time limit for a project for dock.  At the same time, the commissioning period of the three diesel engines was reasonably optimized, and the load test and merging test of the diesel engines were successfully completed during the dry dock period by connecting the temporary cooling water."  Ding Zengjie, the ship's general manager, said.