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Baltic dry freight dropped due to large ships

In order to further strengthen the construction of small ship ship team, enhance self-management capabilities, the East China Sea Rescue Bureau in accordance with the annual training plan, on the day before the rescue base in Xiamen held a 4 day rescue ship small training team. From the rescue line of the captain, chief engineer, chief officer and other 16 ship backbone participated in the training. In order to improve the training of small ship team policy theory level, scientific decision-making ability, management level and organizational guarantee ability to focus, set the resolution, the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea, how to improve the executive power of the ship into port inspection, strictly implement the overall requirements to each party branch and other training courses, and invited the Xiamen municipal Party school, Xiamen city directly under the authority of Party committee, Jimei University experts and professors attend lectures. During the training, also entitled "consciously practice comprehensive strictly required to do a new era of qualified members of the Communist Party" of the thematic lectures for trainees. Through this training, we further strengthened the political quality, professional ability and management level of the members of the small ship team, and laid a solid foundation for enhancing the independent management capability of the salvage ship.