The Party branch committee of our company carries out the activity of sending best wishes to the elderly in warm winter

          In order to implement the care mechanism within the party and convey the care and warmth of the party, the branch committee of our company launched a warm sending activity to express sympathy to the elderly.

          Branch Committee  representative He Yuejun and his party visited 11 households in Xingma village, Xingang village, Hongjia village and Milin village successively, sent quilts, electric kettle, rice and oil and other daily necessities to each old man's hands one by one, and completed 11 "micro wishes" for the people here. At the same time of sending care and warmth     to the organization, I fully understood the living conditions of the elderly, and made clear the direction for the follow-up work of the party. This activity has narrowed the distance between Party members and the masses and set up a new image of Party members in the new era.